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Authenticity You
Can Count On
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Trusted By Professional
Makeup Artists Since 1998
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Low Cost
First Class Shipping


MakeUpMania sources the best of the best for the ultimate in skincare.  Not always are the big-name brands the best.  Our founder has been in the biz for years - receiving her esthetician license 30 years ago and diving deep into what works and does not for her clients since then. It's kind of an obsession for her.

All of the lines we carry are on our site and in our store because we know they work and have seen dramatic changes in customers' skin with them.

Brenda Christian set the mark for skin care for mature skin. One of the first - she worked on makeup and skincare specifically for mature skin long before it was a "thing." 

Galinee.  Where would any skincare collection be without an entry from France? French skincare has always held a crème de la crème title in the beauty world. But this line has more:  French quality with a microbiome twist. Microbiome and probiotics are trending in the beauty industry, but the founder of Galinee was one of the first to recognize that healthy bacteria on the skin are actually well -  healthy!  It has been stripped away for far too long!  Galinee creates products with scientifically backed ingredients to restore and protect the natural skin biome.

intelligent elixirs is a newer line for MakeUpMania.  Two women who worked in the global skincare market - brought simplicity and quality skin care to Colorado.  We love them for the quality and the price point they have brought to our local market.

Spa Technologies brings the force of nature to us through sea minerals. Researching and working in this area for over 30 years, Spa Technologies uses sustainably harvested seaweed for restorative and anti-aging.

Tu'el is a natural clean line developed by skincare pioneer Eva Friederichs.  Now the company is run by her hip and savvy daughters. They know what consumers want today, and they deliver.