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It all comes down to the root - at least with language, an interesting part of a language. How a word can mean what it does and what you want it to...

A (very) Brief History of Alternate Time (and Places) - - - Cosplay!

Earthlings, such an unfathomable species - we live out our lives - go to work, sleep and eat in our normal, everyday life, but forever in our history has been our element of dress up, of self-decoration and playing someone else.

What to wear to the NOT Fyre Festival

Achieving the flawless natural makeup look is half the fun when heading out to a music festival. In the case of the Fyre Festival -  your makeup look may be the ONLY fun!
Here are a few makeup must haves to be prepared for ANY music festival.

Stacking the Puff

While thinking about what to write for our theatre page for our new site, my mind kept coming back to "stacking the puff."   It sounds kind of funny, stacking the puff, but it is something I learned one of my first days at Westmore Academy of Cosmetic Arts - a very "old school" based makeup academy...

Calling All MakeUpManiacs! A Word from Eva Marie ... on Brows

A well-arched brow acts like a face lift on all women. Thicker brows tend to add years and vice versa (one of the most popular ways Hollywood makeup artists perform makeovers is to thin out the brows – remember Bette Davis in Now Voyager?) Brooke Shields notwithstanding, a well-shaped brow is a quick fix to erase 10 years off your age.

What’s in a Makeup Artist’s Bag?

Whether you're striving to be a makeup artist for big motion pictures, or you just want to use the stuff the pro's use, it's always good to know what makeup artist carries with them at all times.

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