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Authenticity You
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Trusted By Professional
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Believe in Freedom

A new National Holiday will soon be here. It was refreshing to see social media posts about the origins of Juneteenth and people wishing one anothe...

Opening in a New World.

MakeUpMania's "Cutie Boutique" opened again on Saturday. With a worldwide pandemic not quite behind us and an American life-changing event still re...


Discipline is not just the single vision of makeup but also the diversity makeup - it's not like each of us loves and embraces every type of makeup out there. But we can perfect at least one - or a few.

A (very) Brief History of Alternate Time (and Places) - - - Cosplay!

Earthlings, such an unfathomable species - we live out our lives - go to work, sleep and eat in our normal, everyday life, but forever in our history has been our element of dress up, of self-decoration and playing someone else.

What to wear to the NOT Fyre Festival

Achieving the flawless natural makeup look is half the fun when heading out to a music festival. In the case of the Fyre Festival -  your makeup look may be the ONLY fun!
Here are a few makeup must haves to be prepared for ANY music festival.

Stacking the Puff

While thinking about what to write for our theatre page for our new site, my mind kept coming back to "stacking the puff."   It sounds kind of funny, stacking the puff, but it is something I learned one of my first days at Westmore Academy of Cosmetic Arts - a very "old school" based makeup academy...


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