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About Us

MakeUpMania is the love child of the film industry and eCommerce.

Owner, Founder Eva Marie Denst was working in Hollywood when she noticed that the products so adored and used in the film industry were hard to find in other environs outside of LA and NY.

This was in 1998, the time when the Internet and eCommerce were first coming together. She thought it would be amazing to have a website that sold the products she worked with available around the world. And just like that - MakeUpMania was born!  

The first two brands she put on-line were La Femme and RCMA - Ben Nye soon came after that. 

Always a blend of the serious, the scary and the beauty in makeup products, MakeUpMania today now caters to each and every Discipline in the realm of makeup.  In fact, the company is adamant about fulfilling the dreams and imagination the world of makeup creates.  The newest MakeUpMania.com site was launched to team up with our customers and lead the way to a fusion of what customers want, Diversity of Products and Exemplary Customer Service. 

Stay tuned as our new site evolves.  Or even better yet - tell us what you want to see here!  Just Tweet or Post or Email us.  BTW - info@makeupmania.com is the best place to email us.

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