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Authenticity You
Can Count On
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Trusted By Professional
Makeup Artists Since 1998
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Low Cost
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Opening in a New World.

MakeUpMania's "Cutie Boutique" opened again on Saturday. With a worldwide pandemic not quite behind us and an American life-changing event still reverberating through our nation, it is not as though we can merely "move on." 

There is a much-needed breath of fresh air that is helpful though and we hope to provide a little of that at this time.

Makeup is so much more than a tube of color, it is an identity marker, a self enhancer, a medium in which to express ourselves in a very intimate way.  Because of this, we have always worked with communities of Color, the LGBQ+ family, Drag Performers and Transgender People.  How lucky we have been!!

For 20 years we have met amazing people and been part of their lives.  And we have seen many of our clientele struggle with identity politics, legal rights, equality, and fairness. We have seen beautiful people, who in a loving and kind way be part of our retail adventure. Shaping and supporting us along the way. It has been a blessing.  

MakeUpMania has always been supportive of our customers, their friends & family and in turn who and what they support.  We will continue to be an open company, a retail brand that loves and supports all people.  And we will continue to offer a medium in which everyone can express themselves, in any way they want.  

With love and respect to all - 

Eva Marie 
CEO & Founder, MakeUpMania, Inc.


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