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Brenda Christian Primafirm Firming Eye Makeup Base

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Primafirm Firming Eye Makeup Base by Brenda Christian

(Available in one size.)

Filled with anti-oxidants and emollients, Primafirm lifts the eye lid area giving an immediately visible more youthful eye appearance. Pigments can leach valuable moisture from eye lids causing premature aging in the eye area. Primafirm rescues the eye lid, halts any pending dryness and repairs previous loss of elasticity. Primafirm uses specific spherical silicas to diffuse light to trick the eye and give a soft focus back lighting to all eye makeup application. A peptide chain stimulates collagen and elastin production for both short and long term anti aging benefits.

-Immediately lifts the eyelid area giving a more youthful appearance
-Rescues the eyelid, halts any dryness caused by heavily pigmented cosmetics formulated with pigments and minerals
-Stimulates collagen and elastin production for long term anti aging benefit to eyes
-Filled with anti-oxidants and emollients to firm and tone eye area

Net Wt. 0.1oz./3gm.


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