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RCMA Translucent Loose Powder

RCMA Translucent Loose Powder

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Translucent Loose Powder by RCMA

Use it for setting makeup on skin tones from extremely fair to dark olive. The RCMA Loose Powder does tend to become a bit ashy on skin tones like a medium dark or darker.
It is best suited for traditional professional creme products such as RCMA, Ben Nye, William Tuttle's Custom Color Foundation. Kryolan TV Paint Stick and Supra Color, Mehron Celebre' and other creme foundations. Many of these companies have their own no color or neutral powder - and all of them are top quality and all of them work very well.  RCMA translucent powder stands out because of it's lighter weight and more versatility on the shades of skin tones it can be used on. RCMA Loose Powder is a bit softer, meaning it lies more smooth and creamier on the skin than some other brands and it mattes the skin more naturally. The RCMA translucent powder is suitable for all skin types including dry skin. 
It is also part of my Holy Trifecta of Powders. That is the three best, most important loose powders to keep in your kit.  They are RCMA No-Color Powder,  William Tuttle Translucent Powder, and Ben Nye Banana powder.  With these powders, you can set any skin tone.  Occasionally I will mix these powders. I mix a bit of one with the another to make a new color powder set for special unique needs. For example - I have noticed Ben Nye being just to yellow on fair neutral warm skin tones. So Mix a bit of RCMA No Color Loose Powder with Ben Nye Banana Powder to get that hint of warmth in the powder set.


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