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Parian Spirit Brush Cleaner Wipes

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Brush Cleaner Wipes by Parian Spirit

This item is flammable and cannot be shipped via Air. Therefore, it cannot be shipped Priority, Express or Internationally.  It can only be shipped in the contiguous United States. If you order this item Priority or Express, your entire order will be shipped GROUND. If you order this Internationally, it will be removed from your order. These are strict FAA regulations, no exceptions can be made. 

Please call with any questions: 1-800-711-7182 or 303-433-3400.

Parian Spirit brush cleaner is preferred by professionals because it really cleans the brushes! No harsh chemicals - but rather a nice smelling citrus base does the trick! Parian Spirit is made from citrus spirits and food grade solvents, giving it powerful cleaning properties that easily cuts through oil-based makeup and adhesives. Yet Parian Spirit is gentle to the natural hair bristles of your best brushes.

When your brushes are your livelihood - Parian Spirit will help to maintain your brushes for a lifetime of use!

Parian Spirit is also good for cleaning makeup off clothes, wigs, false eyelashes, and facial hair appliances.

Parian Spirit is ideal for CLEANING, CONDITIONING and DISINFECTING your brushes.



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