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Kryolan Tuplast

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Tuplast by Kryolan

(Available in one size only.)

Tuplast is a product developed for make-up artists for creation of especially realistic scars and other skin anomalies. Tuplast is applied directly from the tube and can be easily shaped with a spatula after it has begun to dry. After Tuplast has completely dried, scars and other skin anomalies created with it are waterproof. Supracolor and Dermacolor are especially effective for making up Tuplast creations.

Apply makeup after dry.

Removal: Simply just pull off the Tuplast!

Precaution: Tuplast contains a strong component of acetone, so be especially careful when using it near mucous membranes and eyes.

Net - .5 fl. oz./15 ml

Precaution: Tuplast is flammable.

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