Kryolan Fixier Spray –
Kryolan Fixier Spray
50mL Non-Aerosal
Kryolan Fixier Spray
100mL Non-Aerosal
Kryolan Fixier Spray
400mL Aerosal

Kryolan Fixier Spray

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Kryolan Fixier Spray

(Available in three sizes.)

A groovy spray fixative for all types of makeup but especially great for AQUACOLOR and other water-based makeup for face, hands, and body.

Protects against heavy perspiration. Washes off with soap and warm water. For extra effective protection spray on skin before makeup application as well as after.

It can prolong the life of the makeup and its effects. Apply a thin coat and allow to dry.  This will help to make your makeup smudge and rub proof. It helps to withstand the heat of lights, heavy wear, and perspiration. 

Because of the alcohol content - do not apply near eyes or mucous membranes.

Precaution: Fixier Spray is flammable.

Please note that this item can not be shipped via Air (Priority or International).  However - US Residents may place a Priority Order and the other items in your order will be shipped Priority and this item will be shipped separately via Ground.  (No extra charge.) Ordering the 400 mL. will require an additional UPS Ground Service Fee, and you will be contacted for payment information after your order is placed.

Please call with any questions:

1-800-711-7182 or 303-433-3400.


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