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Kryolan Eyebrow Plastic

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Eyebrow Plastic by Kryolan

Kryolan Eyebrow Plastic is a putty type of medium that effectively covers existing brows. Once it is molded on top of the brows - it is easy to design and paint any brows you want!!!

To Use: Using a metal spatula - scrape of a small ball of eyebrow plastic from the stick. Warm between your fingers to make it easier to spread on top of eyebrows. Again using the metal spatula, pull/push a small amount of eyebrow plastic on top of brow. Press hard enough to push the brows down - but not so hard as to hurt. The Kryolan eyebrow plastic should completely cover the hair. You shouldn't see any hairs coming through the eyebrow plastic. Using the spatula - complete cover the entire brow. Blend off onto skin. After you have the entire brow cover makeup - look at the covered brow at all angles in the light. Where ever you see bumps or nicks on the eyebrow plastic - will show more intensely once you cover them with foundation. So make sure that your eyebrow plastic is as smooth as possible. You can use Vaseline or a cheap hair gel on your fingertips to help smooth the plastic down. It takes practice to get this technique down - so practice makes perfect!!!! Once the brow is completely smooth - powder with a powder puff with no color powder. After the eyebrow cover makeup is powdered - apply a creme foundation the exact color as the skin tone. Apply it with a stippling motion - that is a patting motion and leave a good amount on top of the eyebrow plastic to completely conceal any plastic or brow color. If the brow color underneath is black - you may need to use an orange concealer - or blue nuetralizer color to knock out the blue or the brow. And then apply the skin tone foundation. Powder very well with a powder puff and no color powder. Pressing the powder into the foundation to set it. Now you are ready to design that 20's brow you have always wanted to wear out!!!

Size: 18g


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