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Empty Palette
Empty Palette

Empty Palette

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Empty Palette by MakeUpMania

(Available in two sizes.)

Finally - have color YOUR WAY. Our palettes are so well priced you can have every color imaginable in your possesion! The NEW Palette on MakeUpMania.com is a beautiful paper covered black palette and comes with its own protective carrying sleeve. It is magnetized and absolutely stunning! You can have us fill them or you can use them for several standard brands. The pan that fits in this palette is 1 and 5/16th. It's the most standard size of the larger pans on the market. Our pans are less than $4.00 for Shadows and Blush Colors! Now Exclusively On MakeUpMania.com! The Palette Lab Make your perfect Palette with LaFemme colors - exactly the way YOU want it!


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