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Ben Nye Theatrical Cake Kit
Brown Skintone TK-13
Ben Nye Theatrical Cake Kit
Fair Skintone TK-11
Ben Nye Theatrical Cake Kit
Olive Skintone TK-12

Ben Nye Theatrical Cake Kit

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Theatrical Cake Kits by Ben Nye

(Available in three shades)

At the urging of many makeup artists and instructors, Ben Nye designed a very functional pancake-style kit. A remarkable value, the components are worth twice the cost. These three theater makeup kits were designed to compliment White, Olive, and Brown skin tones. Each includes Four Color Cake Foundation shades suitable for male and female performers, plus contouring colors selected from our water-activated MagiCake series, Pressed Eye Shadow and Rouge Series, and a basic creme palette. Additional components are included for special effects and character design, as well as quality tools.

Components based on skin tone: Three Color Cake Foundations, Creme Contour Wheel, Five MagiCake Contour and Accent Shades, Pressed Shadow and Highlight, Dry Rouge, Hair Color, Translucent Face Powder, Eyebrow Pencil, Lip Pencil, Black Pencil, Nose & Scar Wax, Spirit Gum, Spirit Gum Remover, Stage Blood, Flat Brush No. 1, Flat Brush No. 5 (2 each), Rouge Brush, Eyebrow/Lash Comb, Velour Powder Puff, Hydra Sponge, Swab Tip Applicators.



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