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Trusted By Professional
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Ben Nye Special Color Wheels
Cover-All Wheel - SK-1
Ben Nye Special Color Wheels
Highlight Wheel - SK-2
Ben Nye Special Color Wheels
Shadow Wheel - SK3
Ben Nye Special Color Wheels
Tattoo Cover-All Wheel - SK-11

Ben Nye Special Color Wheels

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Special Color Wheels by Ben Nye

(Available in four different four-color wheels.)

The four-color wheels are perfect and compact to fit in the palm of your hand and are formulated for a flawless natural finish that needs little powder.

Cover-All Wheel - Medium Coverette Cover-up, Medium Mellow Orange, Red Neutralizer No. 2 and Normal Mellow Yellow (SK-1)

Highlight Wheel - Creme Highlights Lite, Ultralite, Natural Lite & Medium (SK-2)

Shadow Wheel - Creme Liner Cinnamon and Creme Shadows Character Shadow, Dark Brown and Contour Brown (SK-3)

Tattoo Cover-All Wheel - Tattoo Cover No. 2, Normal Mellow Yellow, Blue Neutralizer No. 4 and Coverette Cover-up Ultra Fair (SK-11)

Expect 75-200 applications.



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