Ben Nye F/X Stacks –
Ben Nye F/X Stacks
Age - FXS-2
Ben Nye F/X Stacks
Bruise - FXS-1
Ben Nye F/X Stacks
Burn - FXS-3

Ben Nye F/X Stacks

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F/X Stack by Ben Nye

(Available in three different stacks.)

These five-color stacks offer the most useful selection of effects-specific shades. Replace or add shades as needed.

F/X Stack Part Numbers

Bruise FX Stack - FXS-1

includes: FX-2, FX-5, FX-7, FX-11, FX-12

Age FX Stack - FXS-2

includes: FX-9, FX-13, FX-15, FX-17, FX-91

Burn FX Stack - FXS-3

includes: FX-1, FX-3, FX-4, FX-8, FX-31


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