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Mehron 1927 Liquid Vinyl Makeup

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1927 Liquid Vinyl Makeup

A smoky jazz club, cool bluesy notes wafting through the air. The year is 1927 and the world is a buzz. 

Charles Lindbergh makes his first solo non-stop transatlantic flight, Fritz Lang's iconic film Metropolis premieres in Germany, CBS (originally called Columbia Phonographic Broadcasting System) is founded and goes on air with 47 radio stations, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is founded, the Roxy Theatre opens in NYC, and the House of Mehron makeup company opens their doors.

It's all about new media, new music, new fashion, a new era.

On stage, a sultry jazz singer stands with a cool white backdrop that outlines her black dress and dazzling in the spotlight are her shiny eyes and dark lips. 

A new era of Makeup is born. It's modern, scandalous, bold, dark and sexy.

In a toast to their 90th Anniversary, Mehron created a makeup that celebrates the amazing era while adding a modern day twist.

Vegan, Paraben and Cruelty-free, 1927 is a jet black shiny liquid liner that has a super high shine and a finish that looks like vinyl. The unique formula allows you to design a multitude of look. As an eyeliner, or in face and body designs. It is water and smudge resistant is long lasting and wears without transfer.

The limited edition box set includes your .5 oz inkwell bottle of the Mehron 1927 liquid vinyl makeup and a fine-line two-part brush.

Pro Advice and More from Eva Marie ...

When I heard that this makeup was to be created for their anniversary, I was intrigued and waited impatiently for it to come in. I was not disappointed with its arrival. While the trial and error with this unique product is still ongoing (I'll be sure to update later) I find it more versatile than I expected.

One coat of the Mehron 1927 liquid vinyl makeup is deep and intense although not as shiny as I thought it would be. I also found it did not peel off as easy as I heard. But it delivers an incredibly rich line, the brush that it comes with, in the Limited Anniversary Edition Set, is a very nice brush, and you can get the point on your line just right with it.

With two or more coats, it becomes shinier and the peel off is easier. With one coat - it is kind of like a rub off removal process and with more than one coat, you do get a better peel. Still not the same as the iconic 1960's Max Factor Shiny Eyeliner but close, and I still want to play with it to see if this changes with a cream base vs. powder. It adheres to dry clean skin than skin with a heavy base. I also want to play with the application with a sponge tip applicator all over the eye. If you have any pics or great uses for this - please tag me on Instagram @makeupmaniadotcom. I'm dying to see how others use this genius new product!

Tip: Use Acetone to clean the brush. If any of the 1927 liquid dries and is left in your brush, it becomes hard. I have found acetone to be the best cleaner for this new product. Your brush must be clean for you to get a great delivery of the liquid - don't try to use an unclean brush when applying it or you will get an unsmooth line.


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