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Trusted By Professional
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MakeUpMania is proud to announce...

MakeUpMania has pledged to reduce it's spending in packaging plastics by 75% in 2020.

We decided to step up to the challenge of taking responsibility of how our industry affects the waterways and landfill. 

It's a standard that eCommerce packs with Bubble-wrap and plastics each day and millions of package are shipped each day. One day, it was too much to know we were part of the madness and we decided to change the way we package our shipments.

Here's a quick little Fact Sheet to explain how changes will happen at MakeUpMania.

We are dedicated to the decline of land filled- destined consumables and plastics entering our water systems. 

You will see paper packaging replace bubble-wrap immediately.

If you do see bubble-wrap in your package, then is has been up-cycled from one of our trusted vendors for re-use.  We encourage you to use it again, we made it a twice-used plastic and, you know what they say, three times (or more) is a charm!

Does it cost more?  Yes it does, for now we see the cost as something we can do.  As we look toward other types of biodegradable items such as biodegradable tape and biodegradable plastics, we do see where the cost may affect our shipping price, but for now - shipping prices remain the same.

We believe we can package your makeup items safely with paper versus plastic - please let us know if you find any breakage from the new packaging. 

Some items still will need plastic to ship.  Liquids are one of the things we will seal in plastic baggies so any leakage will not damage the rest of your order. You may get an up-cycled baggie! 

Around the store, we choose to recycle, compost, and reuse any packaging we can to reduce waste. We work all around our business to sort our waste. This includes compost, paper, aluminum and plastic recycling and hazardous waste sorting such as ink, batteries and light bulbs.

We would love to hear your comments and suggestions!  We believe we can hit the 75% commitment and hope to prove that if it can be done here, it can be done in the industry overall.   We strive to continue this trends in the next few years and our long term goal is to be one-use plastic free.