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Premiere Products Skin Illustrator Palettes
Premiere Products Skin Illustrator Palettes
Premiere Products Skin Illustrator Palettes
Flesh Tone
Premiere Products Skin Illustrator Palettes
Premiere Products Skin Illustrator Palettes
Premiere Products Skin Illustrator Palettes
Premiere Products Skin Illustrator Palettes

Premiere Products Skin Illustrator Palettes

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Skin Illustrator Palettes by Premiere Products

(Available in five staying styles.)

The Skin Illustrator Palettes are durable, water and abrasion resistant alcohol activated make-up. Created by professionals for professionals, Skin Illustrator FX palettes are designed to speed up the process of color application and touch ups by greatly reducing the need to mix colors. The wide range of colors allow you total control to create any illusion imaginable. Skin Illustrator FX palette will cover tattoos, create effects, color hair, and it can be used on skin, foam latex, gelatin, plastic and silicone appliances. The high pigment content of these FX makeup palettes provides rich color tones that stay in place and last all day.

ACMUSE Palette: This custom skin illustrator palette was ordered in 2005 by Scott Lattimer, the owner, and Principal of the Australian College of Makeup and Special Effects (ACMUSE) in Sydney Australia. 

Complexion Palette: This palette was created to give artists a wider range of red tones and adjusting colors which allow the fine tuning of an appliance makeup or to help blend the appliance with the natural skin tones.

FX Palette:  Designed for just about any injury or illness imaginable, the Skin Illustrator FX palette can simulate 1st, 2nd & 3rd. degree burns, cuts, scrapes, scabs, and bruises. The FX Palette seamlessly integrates with the FLESH TONE Palette to create varying degrees of injuries and illnesses. The pigment content is much higher than any other palette available so the colors go farther and last longer.

Grunge Palette:  Simulates a variety of dirt, grime, and filth effects, and can be used to recreate the look of almost any dirty or soiled visage.

Zombie Palette: Created by David LeRoy Anderson for use on the movie "Dawn of The Dead" Every combination you need to color the dead!


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