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European Body Art Endura Airbrush Paints
European Body Art Endura Airbrush Paints
SKT Skin Cover Up w/ Adjusters
European Body Art Endura Airbrush Paints
European Body Art Endura Airbrush Paints
SKT Light

European Body Art Endura Airbrush Paints

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European Body Art Endura Airbrush Paints


Endura Paints are alcohol-based for long wear. 

Each pack includes (10) 1 oz. bottles.

Options available:

SFX: Prime White, Prime Yellow, Prime Red, Fresh Blood, Mauve, Bruise Red, Dried Blood, Prime Blue, Prime Green, and Prime Black.

Undead: Light Grey, Pale Dead, Nicotine Stain, Aged Blood, Bruise Purple, Vein Blood, Dirty Brown, Night Swamp, Vein Tone, and Charcoal.

SKT/Cover Up: This SKT skin tone collection is designed to produce extraordinary coverage, wear-ability, and water resistance when used on human skin. Additionally, it holds exceedingly well on foam and silicone prosthetics. All ingredients are of a cosmetic grade and all pigments are approved by the FDA. These airbrush paints are amazing for a practical, natural finish with micronized HD pigments that are resistant to water, sweat, and rubbing. These paints are great for water-resistant tattoo cover-ups, concealing skin, film makeup, runway makeup, bridal makeup, prosthetics, live broadcasting, underwater commercials or photoshoots, and stage/performance makeup.

SKT LIGHT w ADJUSTERS: N1, W 1, C 1, W 2, C 2, W3, OLIVE, TEAL BLUE, ROSE, CORAL. This EBA Endura Light Skin Tones pack with adjusters consist of five light skin tones, one lightest neutral skin shade, and four adjusters. The five light skin tones consist of two cool (RED) and three warm (YELLOW/OLIVE) shades and are easily blend-able to achieve neutral shades or any other desired light skin tones. The 4 adjusters consist of coral, teal blue, olive tone and rose. These adjusters can be used as color correctors or even as concealers when used as a tattoo cover up (tattoo, sunburn, scar, veins, and skin pigmentation). The Nude 1 shade is the lightest neutral shade with neutral tone and can be also used as an adjuster or concealer. All six Endura SKT light tones blend easily with other shades and adjusters to achieve neutral shades or other variations of skin tones.


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