Authenticity You<br>Can Count On
Authenticity You
Can Count On
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Trusted By Professional
Makeup Artists Since 1998
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Low Cost
First Class Shipping
Ben Nye Personal Kit
PK-0 Fair: Lightest
Ben Nye Personal Kit
PK-1 Fair: Light/Medium
Ben Nye Personal Kit
PK-2 Fair: Tan
Ben Nye Personal Kit
PK-3 Olive: Fair/Medium
Ben Nye Personal Kit
PK-4 Olive: Deep
Ben Nye Personal Kit
PK-45 Brown: Light
Ben Nye Personal Kit
PK-5 Brown: Medium
Ben Nye Personal Kit
PK-6 Brown: Dark

Ben Nye Personal Kit

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Personal Kits by Ben Nye

(Available in eight kits.)

Professional quality, superior selection, and affordable pricing combine to make our student makeup kits an outstanding choice. Ben Nye's personal makeup kits also provide strict hygiene for each actor. Seven Kits, matched to skin tone, provide at least three dozen applications each.

Components: Creme Foundation, Four Color Contour Palette with Creme Rouge, Highlight, Shadow and Lip Color, Face Powder, Powder Puff, Eyebrow Pencil, Flat Brush, Sponge Applicator, and Stipple Sponge.


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