Graftobian - HD Creme Super Palette (Global Corrector) –

Graftobian - HD Creme Super Palette (Global Corrector)

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The latest palette from Graftobian offers a selection of High Definition Glamour Cremes in a Super Palette (18 shade) configuration. This Global Color Correction Collection is a convenient way for an artist to do corrective work on any skin tone or ethnicity. Using opposite color theory, these shades work to neutralize any color that you wish to adjust. Perfect to color correct, highlight and contour all skin tones.  

Palette includes: Lady Fair #30386, Yellow Hi-Lite #30392, Sunrise Flush #30387, Extra Hi-Lite #30395, Pink Hi-Lite #30394, Soft Orange #30391, Muted Green #30393, Red Neutralizer #30396, Soft Orange Neutral II #30397, Deep Red Neutralizer #30398, Evening Mist #30388, Soft Wisp #30389, Deep Muted Green #30410, Caramel #30411, Deep Golden Highlight #30412, Burnt Orange #30399, Hazelnut #30413, Hidden Magic #30414.

1.78 oz / 50 g

Size: 4'' X 6.25'' X 1/2''


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