BeautySoClean Conditioning Brush Cleanser –
BeautySoClean Conditioning Brush Cleanser
BeautySoClean Conditioning Brush Cleanser

BeautySoClean Conditioning Brush Cleanser

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Conditioning Brush Cleanser by BeautySoClean

(Available in two sizes.)

Whether a professional makeup artist or a makeup lover, you want to ensure that each product you put directly on the face, lips, and eyes is clean, safe and bacteria-free. BeautySoClean sanitizers remove bacteria from your makeup without altering or drying it out!

Gently cleans and conditions makeup brushes. Safe for natural or synthetic bristles.

Formulated with natural ingredients, Conditioning Brush Cleanser is a super-efficient, yet gentle, makeup brush cleanser that quickly dissolves all makeup residue while leaving your brushes fresh, clean and soft. The perfect blend of alcohol and emollients ensures your brushes will feel soft and dries within seconds.

How to clean makeup brushes: For day to day cleaning, spray Conditioning Brush Cleanser on the brush and swipe the brush over a paper towel. The brush will dry in seconds!

Regular Size: 125ml

Pro Size: 250ml

Precaution: Brush Cleanser is flammable.

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