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Loose Powder by RCMA


RCMA No-Color Powder is currently available as a pre-order item. The powder is expected to be released from MUM December 9, 2016. We thank you for your patience, this powder is worth the wait!

(Available in two colors)

RCMA No Color is a professional industry product produced by the family of the famous Hollywood Makeup Artist, Vincent Kehoe, who developed this awesome powder.

It is produced in small batches - not by a huge conglomerate factory.  Because of this and the extreme popularity - RCMA Powders are available for ONE PER PERSON/ONE PER ADDRESS ONLY.  Duplicate Orders will be cancelled.

Thank you for your understanding. :)


This incredible powder comes in a 3-ounce shaker.

Killer holding, cuts the shine, lets the skin glow through.

Will not change the color of your makeup!


It is normal for powders to settle during shipment and may look less full upon arrival.  Simply shake the bottle to unsettle the powder and it will look normal again. 


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