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Nurturing Force - Blot Out Offensive

$24.00 (excluding tax)

Product Description

We love this All Natural Primer! Blot Out makes skin into an instant matte / anti-shine canvas for you to apply makeup. It’s a HD primer and barrier cream that controls oil secretion throughout the day, providing excellent adhesion for all Airbrushed applications (Water, Alcohol & Silicone Airbrushed Foundations), all Foundations including: Liquids, Powders, Creams Makeup, Mineral Makeup + Body Art.

Moisturizes as it Solves and Controls Oil + Shine Problems


Ideal for Sensitive Skin • Feels Good On + Good For the Skin

Use as a Primer Before Applying All Types of Makeup or Use Alone

Fast Absorbing Cream Formula Provides Great Adhesion for Makeup Make Your Application Last

Not a Gel Product! No Slipping, Crawling, Creeping, Cracking or Bubbling of Makeup

A Must for Sensible Sensitive Skincare Helps Blemish Prone Skin Great for Harmonal Skin Changes

Paraben-Free Silicone-Free Alcohol-Free

No Added Colors No Added Fragrances No Animal Testing

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Product Reviews

  1. Typo! Sorry :-) Rating 5

    Posted by Sandra 22nd Jul 2012

    Multi-FUNCTIONAL product, not multi-fictional. Ridiculous auto correct on my iPhone.....

  2. Best silicone-free primer EVER for those with oily skin. It does work! Here's how.... Rating 5

    Posted by Sandra 22nd Jul 2012

    I've been a user of this product for a couple of months now & love it. It instantly sinks into & mattifies the skin. Very easy to apply a thin layer using just clean fingers. A little spreads quite far. I have found that this product works best when applied to non-moisturized skin, then followed by a thin layer of oil absorbing powder, pressed into the skin using a puff or Alcone sponge. Don't dust the powder on using a loose brush. It isn't as effective. I use my own custom blend of oil-killing powder to further enhance the capabilities of this product, whether following with foundation or not. If following with foundation, I then stipple on a thin layer using a very dense, synthetic brush, building up for more coverage where necessary. I then press another thin layer of powder into my skin, dust off the excess & follow with Skindinavia's finishing spray. This keeps my skin oil free for several hours, without having a caked on look. Foundation also really grabs onto this base, so I don't have to worry about it later sliding off in the heat. It doesn't clog my pores & does not cause my skin to break out, unlike all silicone-based primers I've tried. This is likely a product I'll be keeping in my makeup kit for many years to come. I'm going to have to stock up on it.

    Keep in mind that this is not an under eye primer to be used beneath concealer, although it is effective on super oily lids to keep eyeshadows truly crease-free all day. There is also no reason this couldn't be used on drier skin as it doesn't cause flaky patches to be more noticeable. It feels very nice going on the skin & is totally fragrance & color free. For oily skin, this product is enough of a moisturizer under foundation. Skipping moisturizer before applying this also allows the product to adhere to the skin better, which means it doesn't ball up & rub off. It can also be used under mineral foundation really nicely. Apply this base, mist your face lightly, then buff on your minerals with a flat top kabuki. I get great coverage using this as a base under liquid, mineral, cream & waxed-based foundations. It even looks great with just a light layer of pressed powder or MAC Natural Skinfinish on top of it. Truly a multi-fictional product which I hope they never stop making.

    To store this product & keep it as creamy & moist as possible, place a small square of plastic wrap under the lid before screwing it down tightly. I found this makes the product even easier to work with, no damp sponges needed, no special technique required, because this base then stays super moist.

  3. Second review for a different purpose.... Rating 4

    Posted by Katrina27th May 2012

    Okay, I felt the need to write a second review after giving it one star before. I believe it is a one star in the mattifying department, hands down....BUT it fills in scars beautifully! I have been trying to find something to fill in my old indented acne scars for years now. I just realized when I decided to try the product again today that my scars were almost invisible!!! Wow..they just need to change the description when they market it because it works amazing for a different purpose. Too bad it didn\'t control the oil or it would be a miracle product!

  4. Not seeing the hype! Rating 1

    Posted by Katrina25th May 2012

    Horrible if you honestly have VERY oily skin. I was an oil slick within an hour. I touched the side of my nose 2 hours after applying it to see how much breakthrough oil I had and my makeup "slid" right off on my fingers and left a streak. If you research the ingredients there is nothing in it to reduce or prevent oil on the skin! More money down the drain on my hunt for a real oil controlling product.

  5. Super amazing HD primer. Non-greasy, lightweight, no drying wait time, can be thinned out! Rating 5

    Posted by Olivia-Image29th Dec 2010

    Absolutely recommended! This is a must have primer product as a professional makeup artist in my makeup kit.

    This product can be applied to a thin layer with a damp sponge and applied alone without makeup so there is less shine on the face.

    I have a longer review on my blog if you wish to read it at: http://blog.olivia-image.com/2010/12/nurturing-force-blot-out-offensive-hd-primer-2/