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Ben Nye - Luxury Powders

$12.00 (excluding tax)

Product Description



Please Note that Ben Nye 1.5 oz will not be able to ship until Wednesday, April 23rd.

LIMIT (1) Banana per size, per order.

(Purchasing more than (1) per size will hold up your order and you will be contacted.)


Finely milled with superb texture, Ben Nye Luxury powders smooth skin while lightly enhancing skin tones. Note

Banana is a perfect face powder for warmer skin tone or when a warm based higlighting is needed.  

These powders tend not to clog pores and create a smooth finish over foundation while reducing shine and setting makeup.


Also please note:  The Bella Luxury Powder was formerly called the Visage Powder and the Luxury Powder by Ben Nye - it is now called Bella Luxury Powder.







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Product Reviews

  1. 1st time user Rating 5

    Posted by Unknown24th Jan 2014

    I use NW 30 as my foundation from MAC. Do you think the banana powder will do the trick in providing the highlight portion of contouring for me?

    Banana Powder may be too dark to use as a highlight for your skin tone. I would recommend trying both Banana and Cameo as a highlight. See which one works best for your skin tone. We do offer free samples if you are interested you can email info@makeupmania.com or you can purchase our deluxe samples on our website.
    I hope this helps!
    A MuM MUA

  2. restock banana Rating 5

    Posted by Unknown20th Jan 2014

    when will banana be back in stock?

    We will be getting Banana Powder back in stock sometime next month! Banana Powder is in high demand so keep an eye on the website for when it is available.
    A MuM MUA

  3. 1st time user Rating 5

    Posted by Unknown15th Jan 2014

    Hello! I'm a mua and I'm looking for the right products to complement all my clients skin tones. I've purchased the banana & camel powders. What powders to your recommend for my medium to ebony time women.

    Hi - I would recommend trying the Ben Nye Luxury Powders in Dark Cocoa and Nutmeg. Dark Cocoa is the darkest of the Luxury Powders and Nutmeg is a good medium to dark powder without the yellow/gold tones in it like the Camel has, so it may be easier to find a perfect match with. I would also recommend the color Ebony in the Ben Nye Face Powders, which is still as dark as Dark Cocoa but a little more translucent if your looking for a more sheer coverage or look. If you would like samples of these products please email info@makeupmania.com for more information. Or you can purchase our deluxe samples on our website. I hope this helps!
    ~ A MuM MUA

  4. Need Help selecting Color Rating 5

    Posted by Stacie12th Jan 2014

    I am a NC50 in the Mac Studio Fix. I really want something other than my concealer to do my highlighting around my eyes. What do you recommend? Thanks in advance!

    Hi Stacie,
    I would definitely recommend the Banana Powder. It works great for highlighting and is the perfect color to give you that glow that most people are looking for. I hope this helps!
    ~ A MuM MUA

  5. Rating 5

    Posted by kristina12th Jan 2014

    I'm nc35 and c3 I want to use it almost as a high light under my eyes and on cheekbones and t zone. Would banana work?

    Hi Kristina - Banana may be too dark to use as a highlight on your skin tone or have little effect in doing so. For you I would recommend Cameo. It is the lightest of the Luxury Powders and works great as a highlight on light/medium skin tones. If you are interested in samples please email info@makeupmania.com for more information. I hope this helps!
    ~A MuM MUA

  6. help me plz Rating 5

    Posted by kristina9th Jan 2014

    I use mac Face and body foundation C3 and studio fix Nc35 is it banana color for me? I want to use it almost as a high light under my eyes and on cheekbones. Would banana work? Maybe it works for T zone?
    Thank you!!!

    Hi Kristina,
    Banana may be too dark to show up as a highlight on your skin tone. But it is always worth trying. Banana is popular as a highlight because of it's unique yellow tone. You may have to be generous with the powder for it to show up as a highlight. If Banana doesn't work for you I would recommend Cameo. It is the lightest powder in the Luxury Line and will definitely show up on your skin tone.
    I hope this helps.
    A MuM MUA

  7. Love it! Rating 5

    Posted by Unknown9th Jan 2014

    Order this in Beige Suede and Banana (i'm NC 42-43) and it works great! Customer service is also great, i'll buy here again! Thank you !

  8. Rating 5

    Posted by Unknown8th Jan 2014

    I want to purchase the Ben Nye Powder, but I'm not sure what color to get... I am mostly Italian so I'm on the warmer side, however I use BareMinerals foundation and it's Light... Should I use the Buff or Banana color? It's for highlighting under my eyes, cheekbones, and my forehead.

    Hi - Banana and Buff are more in the medium range. So I don't know if they would show up well as a highlight on your skin tone. I would recommend trying Banana and Cameo as a highlight. Buff I would recommend only as an all-over face powder for you. We do offer free samples if you email info@makeupmania.com or we have deluxe samples available to purchase on our website.
    I hope this helps.
    A MuM MUA

  9. Hi all Rating 5

    Posted by danamariebella4th Jan 2014

    I've heard so much good things about Ben nye I'm not sure which one I should get :) ? I wear lancome I go back and forth from wearing buff beige (w) to ivoire (w) I have olive kind skin. Mild tan. I checked myself at mac I think I'm like nc3.5 can u Plz help??

    Hi Danamariebella,
    For your skin tone I would recommend trying Buff, Banana or Beige Suede.
    Banana may be too yellow depending on the undertone of your skin. Buff is a light/medium which seems to be a perfect match for a lot of lighter olive tones. Beige Suede would be ideal for summer. It is a little darker and is a medium tan color. We offer free samples if you email info@makeupmania.com and we have deluxe samples available to purchase online.
    I hope this helps.
    A MuM MUA

  10. The Best of ALL TIME!! Rating 5

    Posted by Alina Michelle27th Dec 2013

    I ordered this not longer than 7 days ago but 4 days ago.. I was not expecting it to come in so early! Thank you MakeupMania!! I will continue shopping here you guys will never fail me!!


    Posted by Nay Nay24th Dec 2013

    Despite the holiday frenzy this product was shipped to me right away and came super fast.
    I'm super happy to add The Ben Nye Banana Powder to my makeup collection! It works just as well as I anticipated !
    Im NW46 so I only apply an ample amount, for a flawless matte finish.


  12. Bananananana ;) Rating 5

    Posted by Alina Michelle24th Dec 2013

    I already have the color 'Banana' purchased from this website. I got the one in the size 1.5 oz. and I use it as a everyday highlight! I use a little and it brightens under my eyes so much! I'm a NC35 and this helped control my oil sooooo much!!!! Compared to OTHER powders I've used this is my #1 favvvvvvvvvvvv!! I recommend this to everyone! It goes with ALL skintone undereye highlight.

  13. I need help finding a color to use..? Rating 5

    Posted by Naomi21st Dec 2013

    I'm an NC44. I want to use it almost as a high light under my eyes and on cheekbones. Would banana work?

    Yes! This is the perfect color powder for you - it was almost created for your gorgeous warm tone! I think you will love it.

    ~ MuM MUA

  14. what shade powder for mac nc35 concealer? Rating 4

    Posted by sharon18th Dec 2013

    what shade powder do i go for if i use mac nc35 concealer?

    Hi Sharon - I would recommend trying the Banana or the Buff. Buff is a very neutral light/medium and Banana is a lot warmer with a very yellow tone to it which may work well depending on your natural undertone. If you like a very pale look Cameo would work the best. If you are interested in samples please email info@makeupmania.com or you can purchase our deluxe samples on our website. Hope this helps!
    ~ A MuM MUA

  15. Looking for the best shade Rating 5

    Posted by Monique9th Dec 2013

    I use Mac studio fix c4 and I'm looking for something to give underneath my eyes a powdery white look what color would you recommend?

    Hi Monique -
    The colors that are lighter than the Banana do not have a yellow base. The lightest in the Luxury line is Cameo. I wonder if that is what you are looking for. There is also a Fair and Neutral Set in the regular Ben Nye powders. If you want a whitish look though - I think I would try the Cameo first. The Luxury Line powders leave a velvet finish that can almost be seen. Did you know we have a Simple Sample program and a Deluxe Sample Program? The Simple Samples are a small amount that may or may not make one full face application and the Deluxe Samples are 3-5 full face applications. The Simple Samples are free and the Deluxe are $2.99. You can request up to 3 samples for each program. Please email info@makeupmania.com to get Simple or Deluxe Samples.
    Hope this helps!
    Your MuM MUA : )

  16. Want to purchase but unsure of what to buy Rating 5

    Posted by Danny5th Dec 2013

    I'm African American with a semi-medium tone (not very light but not very dark...more of vanilla wafer if that makes sense). I use Studio Fix foundation in C7. What do color is recommended. I really want to try this to hold my foundation and combat the oil with the combination ski. I've heard excellent things about it. Thanks for your help!

    Hi Danny - Definitely the Banana would work for you! Some people with your similar skin tone are liking the Camel and the Topaz also. We offer Simple Samples for free. So if you want you may request a sample. (3 max per person) Or you can purchase the Banana and get the samples of other colors sent to you. Hope this helps!
    ~ Your MuM Crew

  17. Banana color Rating 4

    Posted by Trish2nd Dec 2013

    I\'m Nc50 in Mac foundation and Nw50 in Mac concealer. Would the banana work for me?

    Hi Trish -
    Yes - Banana would work if you are using as a powder to hold foundation. It may be a little light as just a powder on clean skin though. Some people are liking the Mojave line too - it has a few colors very rich in the darker warmer skin tones. If you would like to try before you buy we have a Simple Sample program that lets you try up to 3 samples for free. Or you can add samples onto any purchase also.
    Hope this helps!
    ~ Your MuM Crew

  18. color match Rating 5

    Posted by Carrie29th Nov 2013

    Hi I use Bobbi Brown foundation stick in Beige 5. Do you think the Banana powder would look best on me? Thank you.

    Hi Carrie -
    If you would like a warmer tone to your skin - Banana would be a great choice - but it may be a little yellow as a exact match for you - depending on your natural undertone. Another color in the Luxury line that you may want to look at is the Buff - a little more neutral - not as warm - but the same beautiful velvet finish the Banana is known for. You can ask for Simple Samples for free or Deluxe Samples for $2.99 (up to three samples). Another color you might want to try if you like a really fair look, would be Cameo.
    Hope this helps!
    ~ A MuM MUA

  19. Banana Powder Rating 4

    Posted by Unknown28th Nov 2013

    I've read so many reviews on the Banana Powder and decided to get it. It is awesome. I dust a little bit after I'm done with my makeup.

    I am an NC42. I have no problems with my banana powder, but if I got the beige suede. How different would it be?

  20. Rating 4

    Posted by Kiran8th Nov 2013

    i am nc42 in mac and want this powder for under eyes setting the concealer and t zone. will banana b best?

    Hi Kiran -
    Yes the Banana would be the best choice for your skin tone for that!
    : )
    Eva Marie @ MuM

  21. Rating 5

    Posted by Stephanie 8th Nov 2013

    I use the color nude in foundations and nc 25 in Mac studio fix which color would be best for me thanks!

    Hi Stephanie -
    It sounds like you are pretty neutral fair? If so and you like to stay more fair I would choose Cameo - if you want a little more depth of skin tone I would choose Buff. I hope this helps!
    Thank you!
    Eva Marie @ MuM

  22. Rating 5

    Posted by Marii28th Oct 2013

    Hi ! I have never tried Ben Nye, so I am not sure about the colours. If I have very fair skin (cold undertone...blue veins), and usually use Ivory etc tones will this product be suitable for me... and wich tone should i use...

    Hi there! We would suggest Cameo for your colouring. Thanks for asking! :)

  23. Great! Rating 5

    Posted by Josy22nd Sep 2013

    Amazing product! My makeup looks fresh and flawless throughout the day. Very fast shipping as well. I'll definitely be buying again <3

  24. Rating 5

    Posted by penelope1st Sep 2013

    I use mac studio tech c4 what color would be good to purchase?? Totally new to Ben Nye powders but have heard how good it is that I would LOVE to try..

    Penelope - I would try the Cameo if you are a C4 - Buff would be nice too - depending if you use a sheer or full coverage formula. Cameo for a sheer look, Buff for a full coverage look : )

  25. Banana Powder Rating 5

    Posted by Cierra25th Aug 2013

    When will the 1.5 oz Banana Powder be restocked??? :-(

    Cierra - the Banana will be back in stock next week! :-)

  26. Loooovvvee banana powder! Rating 5

    Posted by Lauren the Mermaid19th Aug 2013

    I should not have paid attention to the reviews I found saying that banana powder wouldn't look good on fair skin! I bought cameo first. I won't say that I hate it, but I was definitely looking for the glow that I get with the banana powder! I'm glad I bought the 3 oz. size because I will be using it all the time!

  27. Everything it's hyped up to be! Rating 5

    Posted by Candace8th Aug 2013

    I'm so thankful I found MakeupMania! Your $2.99 shipping is AWESOME and my product came so fast. I purchased the Banana Powder for the first time and am LOVING it. After my long search for a concealer/brightener to cover my dark circles, this has solved my problems- or at least hid them ;)

  28. Restock Banana Rating 5

    Posted by Malani10th Jul 2013

    When will there the banana shade be restocked? Urgently need 6 bottles of 3oz banana shade.

  29. Great product even better site Rating 5

    Posted by Unknown10th May 2013

    I love buying my Banana Poweder from you guys. $2.99 shipping n I gotten my package within a couple of days. Thank you M.M

  30. Wonderful and no caking!! Rating 5

    Posted by Joy C from PureJoy Makeup1st May 2013

    I ordered one for myself and have since then ordered 3 more for my kit to use on my clients. I love how smooth and refined the powder is and is very buildable with no caking to any areas on the face. These beautiful luxury powders come in many shades. I have ordered the buff, beige suede, banana, and the other in the mojave luxury powders. This is a must for anyone especially if you are a makeup artist like me. These are great and beautiful in pictures and in film. Get yours today!!

  31. Fabulous !!! Rating 5

    Posted by Nicole8th Apr 2013

    Love Love Love this product !!! I use it to set my under eye concealer and it last all day while keeping it crease free ! I got it in banana and it look great on dark complexions (Mac NW 45) and the shipping is unbelievably fast i ordered it and it was here 2days later I would gladly order more things from this website in the near future

  32. LOVE THIS!!! Rating 5

    Posted by Kabao19th Mar 2013

    I have very dry skin especially in the winter so I tend to stay away from powders... but after reading all good reviews I decided to try this and if I didnt like it, it wouldve gone in my kit. Let me tell you, this is the best thing since sliced bread... super fine and soft... not cakey at all! I even use it under my eyes to set my concealer. My make up, seriously, looks flawless allllll day!! I couldnt believe it. This is absolutely a must for artists or someone who just loves makeup!

  33. Amazing product and great service from Eva Rating 5

    Posted by Mariana Murray14th Mar 2013

    I'm speechless how great Eva was to me ... She helped me with my order and I'm very thankful and definitely I will buy again soon ... This product is amazing and I'm very happy to find here ... After searching here is the best deal plus shipping ... Thanks so much Eva ... :)

  34. THE BEST!!! Rating 5

    Posted by SASHJA5th Mar 2013



  35. Rating 5

    Posted by marie4th Feb 2013

    Do u have the banana restock yet???

  36. Hands Down - The BEST!!! Rating 5

    Posted by Demetria1st Feb 2013

    I purchased Banana. I'm a medium skin African American with yellow undertones and combination skin. I wear it with Makeup Forever HD foundation #177 and it stays all day. No retouches needed. It's so finely milled a little goes a long way. I highly recommend.

  37. Love it! Rating 5

    Posted by Michelle 25th Jan 2013

    I love this powder!! It's not heavy and is buildable. I have a little med skin tone and looks very nice. Makes foundation and concel last long.

  38. Makes my foundation stay on all day!!!! Rating 5

    Posted by Unknown11th Dec 2012

    I wear MAC studio tech foundation and whenever I apply it on in the morning, it rubs off by noon and today I used the banana powder on top for the first time and Its 5pm and my face looks as fresh as it did when I put my foundation on at 7am this morning.. A MUST BUY!!!

  39. My new HolyGrail Rating 5

    Posted by FV7th Dec 2012

    My combination oily skin is in love with this powder. Not only does it keep me shine free to the end of my day, it doesn\'t transfer when I sweat! I\'m so amazed by this. All my other powders melt right off and make a mess of everything my skin comes into contact with... But this Ben nye powder has the staying power I\'ve been searching for.

  40. i like it but.. Rating 1

    Posted by Unknown7th Dec 2012

    i like it but it took too long to receive my product for some reason.

  41. You NEED This Rating 5

    Posted by Li7th Dec 2012

    This is my "Go To" product for highlighting my under eye area and the bridge of my nose. I use MakeUp Forever as my base foundation and this works perfectly to keep me matte for most of the day. I am VERY oily but I can't blot lightly and I'm good to go... I use the banana powder and love this product that I ordered all of the products to stock my kit. Try a small bottle first if you are scared and a little goes a long way.

  42. BEST powder EVER!!!! Rating 5

    Posted by Alicia Lopez2nd Aug 2012

    I have been contemplating buying this powder for about 4months and finally I decided "It's only $7 how bad can that be"? I am so so glad that I listened to the reviews and got the powder because it's the BEST setting powder I have EVER used. I have purchased online, dept. store, drugstore, name brand, off brand and all the powders work the same. They were good for an hour and then I had to reapply. Well, not with this powder you won't. I have extremly oily skin and very acne prone even at 31yrs old and I always wear makeup to cover the acne and scarring. The powder was the answer to my prayers. I used Banana powder along with the Gaftobian warm #1 palette and they worked beautifully together. I won't ever purchase another powder or foundation from any other brand or any other site ever. Please don't ever stop making or selling these great products.

  43. Did not have to re-powder client during shoot Rating 5

    Posted by Fabulous and Beautiful~Makeup-by Sarah29th Apr 2012

    Thisis a first for me...today I used this powder on a client for the first time and during the 3+ hour shoot-NO SHINE! This on a client who insisted that she has an oily complexion! I found the powder that will be used in my kit from now on. Leaves a nice finish. I was a little hesitent to use it at first, (reason why I havn't used it up till now) because it does look quite yellow. Leaves a nice colorless finish though.

  44. Ben Nye Visage Powder Banana is the "BEST" Rating 5

    Posted by Betty Roberson5th Apr 2011

    I am a fair-skinned African American woman, with lots of yellow undertones, (I've been classified as "olive" skinned). I read the review on this product and decided to try it. It was love at first brush....I went on light and silky soft.. it did not add color to my foundation. It gives the perfect matte finish. So since it worked that good, I decided to try it without foundation (I used the powder as my foundation). It turned out absolutely perfect. My skin looked flawless. For years I've searched for the perfect powder and foundation, now, I found both in one products...5-stars...

  45. Fantastic Powder to Set Makeup Rating 5

    Posted by Lynn5th Jan 2011

    The Ben Nye "Banana" Visage Powder is infamously fantastic! Every good makeup artist knows after putting on liquid or cream makeup to use this as a great setting powder. The banana color is said too be a neutral color to use on all skin tones even someone with pink undertones to help even out redness or dark skin with blue undertones so not to have an ash color as some translucent powders can give the skin. Of course, this powder is great for yellow or golden undertones. It is silky soft, almost creamy in texture and doesn't apply cakey at all because the powder is milled to such a fine consistency. You would pay so much more for this kind of powder as a department store brand! In sincerity, I hope this review helps someone that may be having difficulty finding a great setting powder.