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Ben Nye - Final Seal

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$6.50 (excluding tax)

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    Product Description

    This popular sealer keeps makeup waterproof and in place for hours. Spray over powdered creme makeup, clown makeup and special effects designs for a lasting finish. Final seal may also be used as a mixing agent for Lumiere Colors. Artist and performers appreciate the no clog spray, matte finish and light mint fragrance. Take precaution around eye area and on sensitive skin. Remove with Hydra Cleanse.  Precaution: Ben Nye Final Seal is Flammable.


    Please note that this item can not be shipped via Air (Priority or International).  However - US Residents may place a Priority Order and the other items in your order will be shipped Priority and this item will be shipped separately via Ground.  (No extra charge.)  
    Please call with any questions: 1-800-711-7182 or 303-433-3400.

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    Product Reviews

    1. No more makeup moving throughout my day. Rating 5

      Posted by alicia lopez6th Jan 2014

      I had been looking at this product for quit some time not sure wether to buy or not buy. Recently I decided to get the 1oz bottle to test it out and man was I upset at myself for not trying this years ago. It is the perfect LAST step in applyi g your face routine. I have been testing this out in cold weather, dry heat, super oily skin and its held its own in all conditions. I will never go back to the pricey setting sprays again. I would say for oily skin this is a must but anyone can benefit from it.


      Posted by Sandee2nd Dec 2013

      I've used several setting sprays like, Urban Decay, Model in a bottle, NYC, Kat Von D and a host of others. All kinda expensive, but none really worked for my T-Zone, but let me tell you Ben Nye's "FINAL SEAL" is the Best! I'm so happy I don't have to continue to waste my hard earned money. Love it.

    3. Rating 2

      Posted by Instagram: Shwog8th Nov 2013

      I was really excited to try this product because I had heard so many good things about it. Originally I used Urban Decay's All Nighter Setting spray and loved it, but hated the price. When I heard about Final Seal, it's price, and the fact that I already loved Ben Nye Powders, I had to give it a try... Not to mention apparently Disney Princesses at the Parks supposedly use this to set their make-up. I figured if it was good enough for a Disney Princess, well it sure was going to be good enough for me.

      Well that couldnt have been further from reality. I really dont like this product because it clearly has alcohol in it. I don't have a lot of acne, but I do have an occasional stress pimple or too. When i sprayed it the alcohol stung my skin, and after it dried, made my skin feel tight. I almost felt as if i was spraying hairspray on my face. Now unfortunately, it sits on my vanity counter, sad and barely used. Such high hopes, but thank god I found Skin Dinavia spray (actually the developer of the UD All Nighter spray).

    4. Absolutely love it! Rating 5

      Posted by FreeV29th Apr 2013

      I've been deliberating on wich setting spray to purchase for sometime now. Trying to decide between the UrbanDecay All Nighter, the Model in a Bottle, or the Ben Nye Final Seal... After watching countless reviews I decided the final seal was exactly what I needed. I placed my order with MUM and received my package in two days. I was so excited to test Final Seal on my face to see if it could hold its own against me sweating throughout the day. It performed perfectly. I sprayed after I put my makeup on, let it set, went on about my day. It did not run when I sweat and it kept my oiliness under control. Best part is my makeup still looked great at the end of my day.

    5. Rating 4

      Posted by Jena28th Jan 2013

      I was so impressed with Makeup Mania when I placed an order for Ben Nye's Final Seal. I received my order within 2 days of placing it and the best part was paying only $2.99 for shipping!
      I have very oily skin that I am always touching up throughout the day. As a busy mom it gets really annoying! I heard about Ben Nye products on YouTube and since they are very affordable I decided to try it. I am amazed at how well this stuff works! I only have to blot my face ONCE a day as opposed to several times! This stuff is awesome and I love the scent and tingling feeling it has. I bought a 1oz bottle so I can try it but now that I know how great it is I am definitely going to get a refill bottle!

    6. Additional Note.. Rating 5

      Posted by Unknown21st Jan 2013

      (I wrote the mid-20s review below)

      I wanted to add that my skin is VERY sensitive, and I haven't had any issues whatsoever with this product.

    7. Skeptical, but Completely Sold Rating 5

      Posted by Unknown21st Jan 2013

      Once I hit my mid 20s, my skin became oily. I found it was worse in an office setting, and I was needing to powder it multiple times a day (approximately every 2 hours). I tried many, many (trust me, many) setting powders, and while they did the job to contain oil temporarily, my makeup still needed touching up (foundation, blush, powder). Moving to the deep South created new issues of my makeup melting off 8 months out of the year (90-100+ degree temperatures on a lot of days, plus high humidity) !

      I purchased the 2oz bottle, just to test, and received this product 2 weeks ago. I am IN LOVE with it. I can't stress that enough. I have used it every day and it is literally the only product I've tried that keeps my makeup on. I still have to touch up during the day, but maybe twice the entire day vs. every 2 hours. I even slept with it on to see what happens. Yep, no makeup movement ! It does have a minty smell (which does go away), but I happen to love that, so that's not an issue at all. I did change the sprayer (per reviews I read), but it still comes out in streams sometimes (I hold it as far away from my face as possible). However, I tap the stream-hit areas with a brush and I haven't had an issue whatsoever with makeup moving. The value is great and I will be buying more !

    8. Proven wrong Rating 5

      Posted by Sarah26th Nov 2012

      I had my doubts about Ben Nye Final Seal and thought the reviews were fake, but I was wrong! The product works very well!! I have an oily complexion and I usually have to apply my makeup 2x a day. Using this product, I only need to apply it once in the morning after applying my makeup. My face does not get oily and the makeup does not smudge!!
      My face is very sensitive when it comes to makeup, makeup remover and lotions. Mac is the only makeup that I do not break out from and this product as well.
      I would recommend this product to everyone I know, especially individuals with an oily complexion. I cannot emphasize enough how happy I am that I ordered and tried this product.

    9. love it Rating 5

      Posted by coco21st Oct 2012

      Ilove it. It\'s better than model in a bottle did\'nt feel sticky.will buy again.

    10. this is the best makeup sealer i have seen Rating 5

      Posted by Unknown3rd Jun 2012

      I'm in to special fx type things and I had problems keeping my makeup on because i walk/run with it on and my sweat always made it run. then i found this and it works great! my makeup doesn't run!

    11. My makeup really stays on! Rating 5

      Posted by Leslie27th Nov 2011

      I have a tendency to sweat A LOT and have my foundation run onto the collar of my tops. I had been told before that there was nothing that I could do to prevent my makeup from transferring onto my clothes; but I figured that I just did not find the right product yet. I am so glad that I found this! After a few sprays and allowing it to dry, my face looked perfectly matte and my foundation stayed put when I tested it against my palm. Even at the end of the day, my makeup remained fresh. This is now a staple in my cosmetic case!