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"Make-up and supplies for professionals and "beauty junkies" alike. Selections chosen by Hollywood make-up professionals."  1998 - 2013

MakeUpMania, Inc. is a small American business located in Denver, Colorado.

It launched online June 14th, 1998 in Burbank, California. The only other major players at the time were Amazon and Ebay.


Always a make-up lover, Eva Marie Denst entered the Hollywood Film Industry in 1992 and saw a whole array of make up available to professionals that she immediately fell in love with.  Learning to use the World Wide Web in the early ‘90’s she saw the potential of bringing professional products to the internet and MakeUpMania.com was born.


The next few years brought a massive rush to online commerce and many highly capitalized beauty sites were launched including Eve.com, Beauty Jungle and Gloss.com.  In 2000, with the dot com bomb, the company moved to become a “Click & Mortar” and opened a store in Lower Manhattan, NYC in 2001.  


The happy Grand Opening Party on September 8th 2001, soon lost its luster in the tragedy of 9/11. With the new boutique just miles from the WTC site, the next few years left the company sorely in need of financing and moving to a smaller location helped. Soon, Eva Marie missed her home and decided to take the online business to Denver in 2006.  There, the online warehouse opened in east Denver and the New York store, now affectionately called “The Makeup Trailer” was still in the Lower East Side.  


Many local artists began to call the warehouse in Denver and asked to come in and shop there.  The warehouse was not a retail location and the need of a real store soon became apparent.  On the advice of a good friend and realtor Robyyn Burger, she rented a unique location near the Historic Highland area of North West Denver.  The store was an old house, built in the 1930’s.   With the help of the Landlords, the patio was enclosed, and the building painted white with Pink trim and opened in January of 2009.


Small upgrades to the site were made over the years, but 2010 brought the re-launch of a highly robust site. MakeUpMania adopted the acronym MuM and began to grow to become an international online business.  The store happily grew to accommodate the make-up community in Denver.  This growth became much more demanding than expected, so with a teary eye, it was decided that the heart of the company should not be split and the store in NYC was closed in December of 2010.


Having the inventory in one location and the new site, the pace began to quicken and grow almost on autocontrol.  The term MuM became to identify the company more as new lines and categories are being delvoped.  The gift market including clothing accessories and home décor began being added to the site.


Now MuM – MakeUpMania – caters to professional make-up artists, beauty lovers and women looking for fun and unique personal accessories.  With a customer base of over 40 countries and an inventory line of over 250 brands, the store and site are merged to bring new innovative products to customers from many different areas of the beauty and gift market. But the core of the company resoundlingly is still based in the Art of Make-up. Local customers can even visit the store and get hands-on advice about the unique professional products there or book a make-up lesson with Eva herself.

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