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Rubber Mask Grease Wheels by Graftobian

(Available in six wheels.)

RMG is ideal for coating latex and foam latex due to its castor oil content which both protects the latex pieces and lends them an oil content similar to your skin. The second benefit becomes apparent when the latex coated area and your flesh yields similar finishes once coated instead of having the latex area look chalky as would happen if you had used ordinary creme foundation over untreated latex.

Appliance F/X - Medium Honey, Green, Light Cream, Ebony, Red and Milk Chocolate

Bald Cap - Blue, Light Cream, Medium Honey, Warm Tan, Egyptian and Special Dark

Derma - Ceylon Cinnamon, Sunrise Flush, Graceful Swan, Burnt Amber, Olivia and Hazelnut

Injury F/X - Warm Honey, Maroon, Dark Purple, Yellow, Forest Green and Thunder Grey

Primary - White, White, Red, Yellow, Blue and Black  (Not shown in image.)

Trauma Trio - Corspe Flesh, Blithe Spirit, Clotted Red, Frankie Gray, Blood Blister and Deep Yellow

Net Wt. - 1 oz.

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