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Camouflage #6 Pointed Brush by Brush Mania

(Available in two sizes.)

The pointed cam is requisite for make up artistry. The #6 lays down concealer in superior fashion - accurately and in a flash.  Pro Tip When working with dark circles or so called bags under the eye-distinguish exactly what you are trying to cover. Many times we try to conceal a shadow. A shadow is caused by a light source and can NOT be concealed. A discoloration, luckily, can be rectified. To find out what you are dealing with, have your subject look up, chin all the way up to the ceiling. Now have them look down all the way with their chin. If what you are seeing or trying to cover goes away while the head moves, then you are dealing with a shadow. If it stays the same the whole time then it is a shadow. Go ahead and crrect it, you CAN make diffrence!

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