We’ve been building a new home for MuM.

Crash ! Boom !!! Bang !!!

Whhhrrrr …

You know the sounds – building something. That is what it has been like around MuM HQ the last few months., the rebuilding of MakeUpMania.com. Alot of loud noises, fixes, pours and frameworks going up. Tremendous amounts of data being bricked in silicon and reloaded into a whole new way to see the web.

And just like a house – it starts to come together and give a warm glow of what the future in such an abode can bring. We did it! Our new home – dusting off the edges and making room for all the new and shiny and all the old and comfortable things to make it a just right.

Thanks Jen!!!! Thanks Zack!!!! Your craftsmanship is superb. Thanks Lorena, Tony and Gemma – your help and patience and support is sooooo appreciated. We did it! The view from here looks beautiful and just like a home – it already feels like somewhere we love to come back to. <3

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