It’s here! The newest version of – a virtual look at our love of makeup!

Since MakeUpMania launched in 1998, I have seen the Internet grow up and have been lucky to have a business based in a dot com for so many years. And I have to say - I love the Internet! Yes - there are some nerve racking things with how extremely open it all is – but I am intrigued with what the openness is doing for business. With the Social Connections between customers and companies – we can become a real community and we can share everything we are obsessed about Makeup. We can express our ideas, dreams and creativity, but it becomes more fun because we can now talk with you about your ideas, dreams and creativity!

There are many changes with MakeUpMania that are not visible on our new site. These changes live in the back end. Systems that will help us grow with fluidity and that will allow us to have real conversations with our Community.

When we went into the idea of a rebuild, the first thing we did was have our “Dream of a Site Sweepstakes”. We asked what you wanted in a makeup retail site. Maybe you wrote in and participated in the sweepstakes, maybe you were even one of our winners. What an amazing response we got! Some suggestions were things we hoped to accomplish and some were new ideas and insights as to what we could really do with You definitely influenced the build out of our new site!

We began cultivating new images and looked at new ways to display color.

We have live Chat system so we can talk to you in the moment.

And we will launch our Professional Makeup Artist Program next month.

And this is just the beginning of the new MakeUpMania!

MakeUpMania 7.0 is still in the soft launch phase, kind of like getting our sea legs under us. So you will see some unfinished swatches here and there, but as all these and other images come on board, we believe you will appreciate the effort we have put into this area.

Soon we will unveil many of the suggestions that won prizes in our Sweepstakes. Since you made the suggestions and we based our build-out on so many of these – there’s a pretty good chance you will like all the exciting changes and programs coming down the pipeline.

Meanwhile – enjoy our new site!!! We are so glad you are here. : )


Eva Marie 

June 16, 2014


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