It’s been a long hard hot summer and no two ways about - it’s time to renew, refresh, create and learn. Autumn is upon us … School is in session.


Time to get out and look your best for the season. Take advantage of all of fashions formulas and products new this season.

Looking at the trends – beauty and luxe are in! More bolds, innovative designs, big shoes and enough jewel tones to make you feel royal . One of my Fall feelings of inspirations this season is BRIGHT Emerald with MUTED Silver/Gray. In theory, muted and bright can work very well together all the time.

Look for shadow colors that are soft and muted, like shimmer/soft grays, silver-ish pink-golds, orangish-golds, soft shimmer green and blue. Colors that when blended, soften and match the skin tone and or work well with your wardrobe. Then choose a bold color – like my favorite Emerald. I also love the play of muted copper, soft shimmer blue-gray and sheer black with Emerald too. You can lay the muted color down first and then contour with the bold color. Or brush the muted color softly across theentire lid and line with a bold colored dark liner.

Orange and Greens, Taupe and Pink, Shimmer Taupe and Black, Light Emerald and Bright Cranberry. You get the picture – so many contrasting variations to choose from – so many looks to experiment with!

PLAY THE COLOR WHEEL THIS FALL - Get out your Color Wheel and use complementary color theory. (Choose a color and look to the opposite side of the color wheel to find the complementary color.) Using this knowledge - build a new Muted/Bold look on the eye. Play and have fun!