Creator of "STATE OF THE ART," revolutionary silicone Flesh Putty and the proud father of 2 year old, Jasmine!

I interviewed Art here at our home base Makeup Mania. I got the inside scoop on Art's new line of products. We will soon be offering "State of the Art" products to all you SPFX'S manias! Art's career is diverse and interesting. Read up on all his interesting talents. How did you get started as a makeup artist?

Actually, I started as an actor and spent ten years on stage. At age sixteen I had my equity card. I was performing with stars in night shows and did children's theatre during the day. I became a children's theatre specialist. I had great parts like Pinocchio and Rumplestilskin. These roles called for noses and weird makeup so I started making my own creations because there was nothing else on the market. My acting experience led me on the makeup path and got me started on the other side of the camera. I eventually started designing makeup for various productions.

Who was your makeup mentor?

Ed Meekan was my mentor. He was an actor/makeup man in Chicago. Chicago is where I started out and Ed brought me on with him on various shoots. Eventually, I became very specialized in makeup and sometimes I brought Ed on jobs with me.

When did you decide to become a full time makeup artist?

I gave up the stage because I started to grow out of "my type." I am not exactly the leading man type. I then went from acting to working behind the scenes. I was turning down more makeup jobs than I was making acting. It became a matter of economics!

Where did you spend the majority of your makeup career?

I spent most of my career in Chicago as a union makeup artist for 14 years. I covered the gamut of looks in the city and decided to come out to Los Angeles and play with the big boys. Twelve years and a great resume in Chicago brought me out to California, 3 years ago.

Did you work in all media areas or did you specialize in a certain makeup area?

I worked in all media areas. The longest running gig I worked on lasted two years, it was a television series, "The Untouchables." I got to cover beauty through special effects.

Did you have any formal training as a makeup artist?

I wish I had been in a position to work with someone and train. I grew past what my mentor could teach me and grew on my own. I am what you call self-taught. The strange thing about being a makeup artist is no one can give you the eye. Someone can give you a clue about technique and help you hone your skill. But the artist's eye is something unique in its self. I actually started the only apprenticeship program in Chicago to train makeup artists. I saw a need and began training makeup artists in my shop.

Do you like to consider yourself an all around artist?

Yes, very much. I pride myself in that. There is some wonderful talent out there, but it is a rare commodity to find someone who can run the gamut.

Tell makeup mania readers about your Flesh Putty product you created?

Flesh Putty is a silicone putty product that I developed because there was a gap in the product market. The old mortician's wax that was still being used was just not up to standard needs of the 90's. I created this molding material to fill the gap and give makeup artists' a new and improved tool to work with. The Putty is flexible yet holds texture and shape. It is universal, safe, comes in 12 translucent colors and is realistic with a skin-like appearance.

How user friendly is the product?

For a young person interested in trying the product out it is not complicated at all. Simple instructions can guide anyone through the putty process. It's a hands on product with no frills. You can mix any color flesh putty you want and build noses, cuts, bullet holes and much more. With an artists hands the putty has endless possibilities!

What projects do you have coming up?

I am currently between jobs right now, I am shopping for a show! I am in development on some new products and I will also be out promoting the line.

What is your best beauty tip you can give to our readers?

People think just wearing concealer covers up everything. Correct out all discoloration on the skin, don't just cover it up. For more information about "State of the Art" products you can look forward to Art Anthony's upcoming webpage at - until then you can get further information at!