A well-arched brow acts like a face lift on all women. Thicker brows tend to add years and vice versa (one of the most popular ways Hollywood makeup artists perform makeovers is to thin out the brows – remember Bette Davis in Now Voyager?) Brooke Shields notwithstanding, a well-shaped brow is a quick fix to erase 10 years off your age.

That is because brows are simply elementary - they make a more startling impression than even the mouth. When people first see you, they notice the brows first because brows expose your mood…look at the ubiquitous emoji, especially the ones depicting anger or surprise- the eyebrows say it all! 

So a poorly designed brow can bedraggle even a young girl.

I recommend choosing a brow color that is one or to two shades darker than the current brow color, the best choices being a light, medium or dark taupe. Don’t go too dark because that will create facial imbalance. Then, fill in any spaces with a sharpened taupe pencil to create hair-like strokes where the hairs are sparse – and “ALWAYS leave the last hair on the end in a slight upward curve to give the face a stroke of optimism, the badge of youthfulness.

For persistent gray brow hairs, reach for a gel or mousse after shaping the brow, such as Queen of the Fill by Elizabeth Mott or Blinc's Brow Mousse.

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