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MediaPRO Sheer Foundations by Ben Nye

(Available in sixtyfive foundations.)

This silky formula is well balanced and designed for all complexions.  it is moist, light texture blends smoothly and evenly, and layers seamlessly for more opacity with a minimum of makeup. Set lightly with powder.

Expect 40-100 applications.

MediaPRO HD Sheer Foundations Part Numbers

HDTV-01 Broadcast 01

HDTV-02 Broadcast 02

HDTV-03 Broadcast 03

HDTV-04 Broadcast 04

HDTV-05 Broadcast 05

HD-010 Bella 010

HD-020 Bella 020

HD-001 Bella 001

HD-002 Bella 002

HD-003 Bella 003

HD-004 Bella 004

HD-005 Bella 005

HD-006 Bella 006

HD-104 Pale Bisque

HD-108 Cameo Beige

HD-112 Silky Peach

HD-124 Blush Beige

HD-134 Shell Pink

HD-140 Naturelle

HD-144 Light Olive 1

HD-201 Pure Ivory

HD-204 Ultra Beige

HD-207 Olive Fair

HD-210 Natural Fair

HD-301 Special White

HD-304 Cine Fair

HD-307 Cine Light Beige

HD-310 Cine Beige

HD-313 Cine Tan

HD-357 Chamonix

HD-401 Natural Beige

HD-405 Radiant Olive 1

HD-406 Radiant Olive 2

HD-408 Radiant Olive 3

HD-409 Radiant Olive 4

HD-416 Beige Natural 2

HD-419 Beige Natural 3

HD-491 Bamboo 1

HD-493 Bamboo 3

HD-494 Bamboo 4

HD-495 Vanilla Almond

HD-497 Pale Honey

HD-501Shinsei Ivory

HD-504 Shinsei Fairest

HD-505 Shinsei Fair

HD-507 Shinsei Medium

HD-510 Shinsei Deep

HD-513 Almond

HD-516 Pecan

HD-517 Pale Biscotte

HD-519 Brulee

HD-520 Soft Caramel

HD-522 Tan Brulee

HD-573 Deep Bronze

HD-814 Bare Peach

HD-816 Ginger Rose

HD-838 Pale Caramel

HD-901 Tan Au Lait

HD-904 Au Lait

HD-907 Rio Tan

HD-909 Mocha

HD-910 Sumatra

HD-913 Rich Cocoa

HD-916 Espresso

HD-918 Brown Suede

HD-919 Semi-sweet

HD-222 Coco Souffle

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