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Matte HD Foundation by Ben Nye

(Available in ninety beautiful colors.)

Ben Nye’'s Matte HD Foundations are ideal for everyday or for special occasions. The formula goes on silky smooth, feels lightweight, and looks flawless!! It evens out skin tones but still leaves your skin looking natural. To set, try Ben Nye MediaPro Colorless Loose Powder, and to create a look that lasts all day, finish with Ben Nye Final Seal.

(BE) - Soft Beige Series

BE-1 Cameo

BE-3 Natural Beige

BE-5 Warm Sand

(BEL) - Bella Series

BEL-010 Bella 010

BEL-001 Bella 001

BEL-002 Bella 002

BEL-003 Bella 003

BEL-004 Bella 004

(BN) - Beige Natural Series

BN-1 Beige Natural 1

BN-2 Beige Natural 2

BN-3 Beige Natural 3

BN-4 Beige Natural 4

(BO) - Bamboo Series

BO-1 Bamboo 1

BO-2 Bamboo 2

BO-3 Bamboo 3

BO-4 Bamboo 4

(CE) - Cine Series

CE-1 Fairest

CE-2 Fair

CE-3 Light Beige

CE-5 Beige

CE-7 Light Tan

CE-9 Tan

(Classic) - Classic Matte Series

EB-1 Naturelle

EB-6 Naturelle Buff

N-1 Fair

N-3 Buff

WO-1 Warm Olive 1

FT-8 Mocha Creme

FT-13 Golden Ebony

(CN) - Ciniora Series

CN-0 Ultra

CN-010 Tres Clair

CN-001 Clair

CN-002 Barely Beige

CN-003 True Beige

CN-004 Dune

(IS) - International Series

IS-00 White Velvet

IS-1 Special White

IS-3 Pure Ivory

IS-8 Bare Beige

IS-18 Olive Tan

IS-21 Wheat

IS-35 Chinois Medium

IS-41 Soleil


(MH) - Mojave Series

MH-02 Almond

MH-04 Pecan

MH-06 Praline

MH-07 Rio Tan

MH-08 Golden Spice

MH-10 Coco Sorbet

MH-11 Brazil Nut

MH-12 Mojave Bronze

MH-14 Brown Suede

MH-16 Semi-Sweet

MH-18 Coco Souffle

MH-20 Espresso Bean

(MM) - Modern Media Series

MM-104 Pale Bisque

MM-108 Cameo Beige

MM-112 Silky Peach

MM-124 Blush Beige

MM-134 Shell Pink

MM-495 Vanilla Almond

MM-479 Pale Honey

MM-507 Chamonix

MM-571 Rich Olive

MM-573 Deep Bronze

(NO) - Natural Olive Series 

NO-1 Pale Biscotte

NO-3 Biscotte

NO-5 Brulee

NO-7 Soft Caramel

NO-9 Tan Brulee

(OB) - Olive Beige Series

OB-1 Olive Beige 1

OB-2 Olive Beige 2

OB-3 Olive Beige 3

OB-4 Olive Beige 4

(RO) - Radiant Olive Series

RO-1 Radiant Olive 1

RO-2 Radiant Olive 2

RO-3 Radiant Olive 3

RO-4 Radiant Olive 4

(SA) - Sahara Series

SA-1 Au Lait

SA-2 Golden Latte

SA-3 Latte

SA-5 Mocha

SA-7 Sumatra

SA-9 Java

SA-11 Espresso

(SH) - Shinsei Series

SH-0 Ivory

SH-1 Fairest

SH-2 Fair

SH-3 Medium

SH-4 Deep

Expect 35-60 applications.

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