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Lumiere Grande Colours by Ben Nye

(Available in twenty one eye-catching colors.)

Luminescent shades are produced with Ben Nye's exclusive formula to produce a silky consistency. Apply dry like an eye shadow for soft shimmer. For opaque, paint-like colors apply with water. Colors will blend on the skin. If blending is not desired, LiquiSet or Final Seal may be used as a mixing agent for a waterproof finish. (Do not spray Final Seal directly on product or it will “seal” the top layer.) Final Seal may be spritzed on the completed makeup. 

Some colors also available in a 12-well Lumiere Grande Palette

Expect 25-150 applications.

Lumiere Grande Colours Preuseart Numbers

LU-1 Ice 

LU-2 Iced Gold

LU-3 Aztec Gold

LU-4 Silver

LU-5 Bronze

LU-6 Sun Yellow

LU-7 Tangerine

LU-8 Chartreuse

LU-9 Mermaid Green

LU-10 Jade

LU-11 Turquoise

LU-12 Cosmic Blue

LU-13 Royal Purple

LU-14 Amethyst

LU-15 Persimmon

LU-155 Cherry Red

LU-16 Azalea

LU-17 Cosmic Violet

LU-18 Golden Apricot

LU-19 Peacock

LU-20 Starry Night

LU-21 Indian Copper

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