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F/X Creme Colors by Ben Nye 

(Available in thirty colors.)

The F/X Creme Colors produce life-like, "in the skin" effects for black eyes, bruises, abrasions, burns and character detailer. F/X Colors are acutely designed, boldly pigmented and micro-blended in a silky, buildable texture. For a "wash effect", brush a few drops of alcohol onto painted colors. Set with Neutral Set Colorless Powder. Spray with Final Set to resist perspiration.

F/X Ultimate F/X Colors Part Numbers

FX-0 White

FX-00 Ultralite 

FX-1 Medium Plum

FX-2 Bruise

FX-3 Burnt Coal

FX-31 Fire Red

FX-32 Dried Blood

FX-321 Dark Sunburn

FX-33 Blood Red

FX-34 Fresh Cut

FX-35 Dark Crimson

FX-4 Charcoal Blue

FX-5 Dark Burgundy

FX-51 Maroon

FX-6 Purple

FX-7 Midnite Violet

FX-72 Black & Blue

FX-77 Dark Brown

FX-78 Beard Stipple

FX-8 Black

FX-9 Grey Purple

FX-91 Vein

FX-10 Sapphire Blue

FX-11 Sallow Green

FX-12 Chrome Yellow

FX-121 Goldenrod

FX-13 Capilllary Stipple

FX-15 Liver Spot

FX-17 Freckle Stipple

FX-19 Age Spot

FX-192 Character Shadow

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