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  • blinc - Eyebrow Mousse

    The Eyebrow Mousse by blilnc is a unique and innovative brow makeup designed to give enhancing, water-resistant and moisturizing color to your eyebrows. Makeup re-application is never required. Like alal blinc products, you get all-day, no-smudge wear with this brow makeup.

  • blinc - Mascara Amplified

    After almost a decade in development, blinc Mascara AMPLIFIED provides incredible, buildable, glamorous volume and length, all while offering the Life Proof properties (i.e. smudge-proof, sweat-proof, water-resistant, flake-proof) of our original blinc mascara, that women have grown to love and depend upon.

  • Ben Nye - Pressed Colour Palettes

    The Essential Eye Shadow Palette is an 8 color palette filled with indispensible neutral highlight and contour shades to complement every complexion.

    The Theatrical Eye Shadow Palette is an 8 color palette with matte shades that include White, Black, plus six elegant and sultry shades for definition and drama.

    The Essential Eye Shadow & Rouge Palette is a 12 color palette containing six of each of the most popular Eye Shadows and Powder Rouges in a refillable, magnetic palette.

    The Glam Eye Shadow Palette is a 12 color palette giving you the best of practical neutrals and alluring jewel tones to make a winning combination.

    The Fashion Rouge Palette is an 8 color palette that is refillable and fashion-ready. Warm and cool shades are included in soft pink and coral hues for natural highlighting and contouring.

    The Theatrical Rouge Palette is an 8 color palette and is a practical, versitale essemble for every working artist. Rich, vibrant colors complement most complexions for endless design options.

  • Ben Nye - Master Disaster Wheel

    The Professional Creme Wheel from Ben Nye provides professionals with unlimited charcter options. They can be layered for intensity and thinned with alcohol to create a translucent wash.